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Lindsay was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1970 and spent her formative years in an environment that was very community oriented. Everyone knew everyone and she thrived in this beautiful country. In 1980, Rhodesia became Zimbabwe.

She met and married her farmer husband in 1992 and spent the next twelve years on the family farm, until the Government took the family farm in July 2004. Lindsay and her family then moved to Australia and spent several years there. 

Lindsay and her family then moved back to Africa and settled in Gaborone, Botswana for five years, where they lived near enough to family in Zimbabwe.  Lindsay's husband still yearned for the farm life and so they moved to Zambia, where he was able to secure a job in an agricultural profession. All of these moves has been an opportunity to find a story in every corner!

Lindsay loves to write stories with a moral message intertwined between the pages.  As parents, she feels we all have a responsibility to educate our children about our wonderful planet.

To date Lindsay has written thirty one children's books, two non-fiction books and her first thriller in July 2020.

About Me

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