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 Bags of trouble for Valeskia Maleskial

 This is a children’s story set along the central coast of Queensland in a lovely rock pool called the Basin which really does exist and is a natural seaside swimming pool to hundreds of different species of fish.

Valeskia Maleskia is a shy and vain butterfly fish. Bart Ma Lart is a stonefish and Valeskia’s grumpy and loyal friend. 

One day four siblings come down to the beach for a swim.

They bring all their goodies to eat and prepare themselves for a morning of swimming and snorkelling. One of the children accidentally drops a plastic bag into the water and Valeskia Maleskia, being very inquisitive decides to investigate.

What follows is a story of joy, fear and potential tragedy. This story is written to hopefully enlighten children about our environment and why we must continue to keep our planet clean.

Book is available on Amazon
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