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Bizzy Bee and the Magical Honey

Bizzy Bee is a newly hatched toddler bee who has just learnt to fly and

spread her wings. 

She is very inquisitive about the world around her and is very keen to learn all about being a worker bee for her Mum, the Queen Bee. But one day Bizzy Bee goes missing and her family try frantically to find her.

Where has Bizzy Bee gone? 

This is a story about a community of bees pulling together to help one another and a very special bee who learns the magic of kindness through making her honey. 

There is magic all around us; it’s in the giggle of a baby, smile of a child, the love and support of families, in the communities around us. 

If we can all accomplish one act of kindness each day, just imagine how magical our world could be! 

Book is available on amazon
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