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Dare to Dream

This story is based on the character of “Bob” Robert Henry Gallagher who was loved by so many in Australia and around the world.

He was a man of courage and pride who was dependable, loyal, hard working, humorous, incorrigible, kind and humble and who always thought of others. 

Bopais the name his grandchildren called him and so I thought it only fitting that this story be about Bopathe bear. 

Bopalives in the forests and mountains along the sunshine coast of Queensland, Australia. He has five brothers and three sister bears.

Bopais unlike any other bear in the whole wide world. He is a kind and humble bear and would rather look after his family's needs than his own. 

He is respected by his bear family and friends as they know that he has indeed given so much to their Sleuth (group) of bears.

There are many stories and legends about Bopabut I am going to tell you one special story about this amazing bear. 

Book is available on amazon
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