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How Ellie Escaped the Circus

Manfred is the ringmaster at the circus in town. He pretends that he is good for all the circus shows but in fact he is a very cruel man.

All the animals that are in his show were caught, trapped and trained two years before he began the circus. He keeps the animals locked up in small cages and only feeds them once a day. They are not allowed to roam free.

He is very happy today, because he has a baby elephant that will perform for the first time today.

Manfred stole the baby from her mother when she was drinking down at the river. 

As soon as soon as the little elephant walked away from her mum, Manfred pounced. He used a gun to dart her which then caused her fall asleep and collapse on the ground. 

How will Ellie find a way to escape from this despicable man?

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