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"Within all my travels, I have found a story in every corner.


Stories that have been inspired by the lovely children I have met along the way. There is nothing more uplifting, than taking a walk in a child’s shoes for a day.


Their world is full of imagination and dreams."

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Reader Reviews

Absolutely LOVE these books!! I teach special needs children aged between 13-17, and am currently reading The Blue Chili to them, they are absolutely captivated by it!! Such an amazing story! Cannot wait to read all your other books!! A definite must read for all children of all ages!

-Jessica, Harare, Zimbabwe

“Imagine a secret place. The kind of place you can go to and forget about your worries. An underwater magical place!” In this gentle book, delightful sea creatures are central to the theme of responsibility and compassion for our world. Lindsay Payne has created a setting, cleverly linked to the title, where she nourishes children’s imaginations, and cultivates a realisation at their level of the need for caring for our environment, without the usual clichés. The vivid descriptions transport  the reader through this marvellous story accompanied by illustrations that match it’s warmth.


-Tracy, Primary School Librarian, Gaborone, Botswana

A great read.  A blend of true life experiences and fantasy.  Lessons can be learnt whereby bullies can create bullies but through acts of love and kindness this vicious cycle can be broken.

-Cindy, Kitwe, Zambia

I loved this story so much! I loved Philamon and his Gogo and all the family and I loved the description of Philamon helping the hungry children and the baby elephant. 

The story Philamon and his Pot of Pap was so alive, I could hear the Sangoma chanting and feel the fatigue of Philamon's journey. The book is full of adventure and excitement and I was totally engrossed in the story, fearful when he was in the river, worried when he overslept and delighted when he had a belly full of pap! An easy story to get totally absorbed in!!  

I would certainly love to read more stories on Philamon and His Pot of Pap. 


-Leanda, Underwood, Queensland, Australia

What a fantastic read.  I can highly recommend this children’s book to all boys and girls.  A great story with an awesome moral especially in the times we are living in today where there is far too much pollution, Lindsay describes the characters so very well and the surroundings that immediately you have a beautiful picture in your mind of exactly what they and their surroundings look like.  The author has the knack of adding in a little bit of humor at times but with the serious moral outcome.  We see a love of nature and the beautiful Australian surroundings through the author’s eyes and an ability to show the importance of true family values.  Thank you so much for this great read and I am so looking forward to Valeskia Maleskia and Friends next adventure in the basin!

-Dale, Umchlanga, South Africa 

Lulu's Glittery Wellies is such a great book! Transports you into Lulu's world and mixes reality and fantasy in a captivating story.


-Linda, Gold Coast, Australia

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