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Hope Love & Sadza

This is a story of the history of Zimbabwe over the last 37 years, but told in a way that our children can understand. 

Zanie is represented by a character full of oppression and who is self-centred. Zimmie is a reflection of a character who thinks about the whole country and not just himself. 

This is such an incredible time in our country for reconciliation, a reaching out to our fellow Zimbabweans, compassion,

understanding and a whole bunch of HOPE & LOVE!! Mix that all into a pot of traditional Sadza and you have a perfect meal to bring our Zimbabweans together. 

What a time for us all to reflect on and be able to be so grateful for a miraculous change and a time to show the world who Zimbabweans are and what we stand for. Hope Love & Peace.

Book is available on Amazon
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