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Being a Mum and a Few Tips

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Our children have the ability to teach us so many life lessons.

Far too often our own fears get in the way and this can obstruct our children’s journey.

Allowing them to use their imagination will help to develop these fundamental lessons as well as help them to grow in character.

Allowing them the choice of making a fort with your furniture, playing in the mud or dancing in the rain will enhance their self-esteem.

My Daughters, Nicola at 7 years & Kristy at 9 years

Turgwe River Camp, Humani - A Very Special Place

Fun In The Mud!

Jess & Ash

Kristy, Cari, Nikki, Ash and at the back Jess...My Daughters and Nieces

Allowing their imagination to run wild, will increase their confidence, which in turn will increase their trust in you and give them the safety net of having you support them from the wings of their own life’s production.

Why not join in on the adventure too. You could learn something new!

In this day and age, parenting is not for the fainthearted; you have to have your wits about you as well as being able to enjoy the journey.

I have two daughters who are in their twenties now, but I am and will always be their Mum. I am at that stage with both of them, you know the part between letting them go slowly and still being able to jump right in when they need me.

The following list is a short list I have given both my girls when they choose their potential life partners.

  • Are they kind to their Mum?

  • Do they like animals

  • Do they like children

  • Are they kind to the waiter at the Wimpy, bar, restaurant?

  • What kind of friends do they surround themselves with

My reasoning for the above is simple;

If a potential partner shows all of the above character traits, they are guaranteed to be an all-round, good person.

Call it intuition, call it years of experience but I have found the check list above has certainly helped me when making decisions regarding my daughters.

Yours in writing

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