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I’m An Accidental Country Girl, Wife and Mum

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I have had a love of writing since my early teens but many of my scribbles have ended up in the bin. During my school years, Allied Arts always bought huge excitement and I would submit many a story or poem.

My Youngest Daughter Nicola At 3.5 Years

My Eldest Daughter Kristy At 6 Years

I call myself an accidental country girl, because that sense of country life, has always flowed through my veins and it was by a small lucky chance, that I met my farmer husband. The first few years of my daughters’ lives, were spent on a bustling, vibrant, busy farm, which is an ideal upbringing for any child.

The years rolled by and it was not until I became a mother to my two beautiful daughters, that the yearning to write was ignited again.

When it came time to tell my girls about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Christmas, I felt like a kid again and relished the world through my daughters’ eyes.

I would make up stories for my girls while I put them to bed and created an imaginary family of tooth fairies, whose family business involved collecting all the lost teeth for their jewellery company.  Mommy Sparkle and her sister Trixie, were my daughters very own tooth fairies! I would encourage my daughters to ask the tooth fairies any questions they could and magically, the following morning, all their questions were answered in the tiniest of writing!

I have been lucky enough to live in five countries. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, a naturalised Australian, five years of living in Botswana, one year in South Africa and five years of living in Zambia.

All of this has been an opportunity to find a story in every corner!

In 2006, while living in Bargara, Queensland, Australia, we happened to visit our local beach one Sunday afternoon. A large rock pool was situated at the end of the beach, this is called The Basin. We spent the afternoon exploring all the nooks and crannies and when the tide came in, varies fish were washed over into The Basin. The sight was spectacular! That evening I went home and began to write my first children’s book called Bags of Trouble For Valeskia Malesia. This is a story about a beautiful Butterfly Fish that becomes trapped in a plastic bag that a child has mistakenly dropped into the sea.

The Basin, Bargara, Queensland
The Basin At Low Tide

Bags of Trouble For Valeskia Maleskia!

A couple of years later I started to write my first chapter book called The Blue Chilli, about a little Mexican boy called Arlo, who emigrated to Australia when he was 11 years old. Arlo is being bullied terribly at school and he wants the bullying to stop and for it all to go away. One day, Arlo discovers the seed of a Blue Chilli and what follows is an exciting story of courage, bravery and a little bit of magic.

I didn’t write again until nine years later, while living in Kitwe, Zambia and then the bug bit again and I was hooked! I have written thirty one children’s books to date, two non-fiction books and one thriller.

Writing keeps me motivated and intrigued. I love hearing about people’s lives and the connection we have with each other.

Life is all in the details…..Look beneath and you will discover the world.

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