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What's In Your Handbag....

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

When I think of Grandmother's, Gran's, Grannies, Ouma's or Nan's, I think of sweeties and lollies in their handbags. The delicious kind, that when you think of them, they make you drool!

What are your favourite lollies or sweeties? Can I tell you my list? Well, here are a few, Jelly Tots, Smarties, Snickers, Caramello chocolate bar, Kit Kat. I could honestly be here all day listing the many, varied and delicious choccies I like. There is something really exciting about knowing that your Gran or Nan, has a special treat just for you.... waiting in her handbag.

Don't you just love to read a good book with a yummy choccie to chomp on? It seems to add to the excitement of reading all the more!

From my home to yours, have a happy reading day!

Yours in writing

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