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Saving Wifi

Suddenly the little dog hears a movement in the long grass and sets off on a high speed chase through the bush, sniffing and panting with excitement. He knows there is a rabbit somewhere!

As he dashes further into the long grass he immediately feels a tightening around his stomach and legs and instantly falls to the ground. He cannot move and yelps and yelps in pain.


It is so hard for the little dog to breathe and even trying to claw forwards with his front paws does not help him one little bit. He whimpers and whimpers and feels so thirsty. It is getting dark and cold and he is terrified....

This is a true story of a little dog that nearly died and how a young girl saved his life.

In a small country town in Central Africa lives a wonderful little girl who is eight years old and loves animals.

She goes to school and works hard and after school on her way home, she rides her bike to the animal shelter to see the dogs and the cats that are either recovering from being hurt or sick.


She tries to help out there whenever she can. A small dog is having a marvellous day. He is free to run and romp and play as much as he likes. No-one owns him and he can dash through the bushes and chase rabbits to his heart’s desire.

Book is available on amazon
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