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The Froggy Pond 

The restaurant is a very popular one and so when it all gets too busy, Fabio remains in the water, just under the surface so that he cannot be spotted by the children who seem to delight in trying to catch and harass him. 

Fabio dreams of faraway places and that unique spot that he can call home.

Will Fabio find that place? Join him on his adventure to find out. 

Fabio is an Italian frog who lives in Naples, in a fountain outside a pasta restaurant. He has lived here for a couple of years. His parents used to live with him but have since retired and moved elsewhere.

He misses his army, which is the name given to a group of frogs.


Sometimes it is okay living in the fountain, when there are not too many people around, but more often than not it is just too noisy living in the middle of Naples. 

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