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The Toucan Triplets and the Butterfly Queen

They were flying from branch to branch around their home and chattering away to each other in Toucan language. Their lives are fun, but they have always wondered what is beyond the jungle? 

This question could soon be answered when a Lady Bird calls on them to please help rescue her beautiful granddaughter who has been kidnapped by a wicked wizard. 

The Toucan Triplets embark on an exciting adventure to rescue the Ladybird Princess.

Stu, Hugh & Lou live in the jungle of South America. They are three very mischievous Toucans. Their home is in a large old fig tree where they live with their parents. 

All their cousins, aunties and uncles live close by too in the nearby trees and their Noniand Papi, their wise old grandparents, live in the tree right next door to theirs. 

Stu is bossy, Hugh is fun and Lou isakind but very shy Toucan. One day Stu, Hugh and Lou were having a fine old time

tag-chasing each other and

having beak fights.

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